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    Beyond the Violation of the Self

    Through numerous case studies, the book provides a deeper psycho-spiritual perspective for the healing of childhood wounds. The message is that we need to move our consciousness “beyond the violation of the self” by healing the cause of our self-abuse in order to achieve inner healing and inner peace.

Psychospiritual Healing

“What is most important in this life is your spiritual evolution” C’s Guide

We have entered a new dimension of consciousness towards a greater spiritual awareness. The universe will no longer allow denials as seen in the purge of negativity that is part of the current paradigm shift. This new consciousness requires us to move beyond the five sense perceptions of the mind and understand that true healing must occur at the soul level. We need to use our natural trance state “the silence of our Higher Self” in order to tap into all the power and resources we have to heal, grow, change and evolve.

“What is most important in this life is your spiritual evolution” C’s Guide"

Getting Your Soul Right Workshop

A psychospiritual approach to healing and evolving

The Shift (the dawning of a new experience for humanity)
Our Soul System (our non-physical realm of guides and helpers and chakra system)
Symptoms and Manifestations of childhood wounds (dissociative and spiritual)
Trance (the key to unlocking the door to healing
True Healing (accepting and healing all the parts of our self)
Our Spiritual Evolution (Why we are here)

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